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Handout name/# Description   Handout name/# Description
 Introduction to Matlab. Covers the basics from running Matlab to matrix manipulation and graphing. The document is for an older version, but the functions are all the same. Matlab hasn't changed in interface that much since vsn. 5 actually    
 A review and reference of the greek alphabet, mathematical symbols and operators which you will likely need for this course or in the future!    
 Review of mathematics relevant to this course (will continue to be updated throughout the quarter)      
CODE: Matlab/freemat plotting      
CODE: Matlab colormaps      
A review document from another class I taught, but it has many useful matlab commands listed      
CODE: This demonstrates how to make functions in matlab and how to load data from an external .mat file      
CODE: This demonstrates how to solve least squares problems in matlab, and the pdf describes the theory. Deliberately written out long-hand to make it hopefully easier to understand.      
This is an interesting paper comparing matlab, freemat, scilab, and octave.      
CODE: This demonstrates how to make one figure with multiple plots in it (subplots), as well as how to make loops in matlab or freemat    
CODE: Artificial neural network demonstration. This demonstrates how to use the matlab neural network toolbox to train a single unit two input single output perceptron, the basic precursor for the artificial neural network    



The main text and optional references will be placed on course reserves for your use. We will post as much as possible here or on blackboard so it is as available as possible, but may not be able to post some materials due to copyright issues.

Required readings:

Addtional optional references: