MAE152 -- Fall Quarter 2003

Getting GLUI and GLUT for your Own PC

This page was last updated: 9/10/03


If you want to work on a Macintosh running OSX or OS9, you will need a compiler first. If you are running OSX, you can use the compiler which comes with apple's developer tools (an optional install, but it comes with your computer and the OSX CD!). You can also purchase a copy of Codewarrior pro (recommended for OS9 users, who don't have a built-in compiler) from the UCSD bookstore. It is a popular development environment.

click here to get the openGL SDK for OS9 and earlier (v1.2) (42MB!!! Download only over a high speed connection! The labs have CD burners you can use)

for OSX, apple recommends you use the built in opengl libraries, found in

opengl : system-library-frameworks-opengl.framework

glut library: system-library-frameworks-GLUT.framework

click here to get the glui.lib.sit which is compatible with OSX or OS9

click here to get the glui.h file (be sure to strip the .txt from the end of the file before using)

you can make a program which runs in OSX or OS9 by compiling a carbon application, which means you need to link in the following libraries:

you will also need to link in the basic C library of your compiler, if CodeWarrior, for example, you would use



If you want to work on the projects on a Windows PC, you will need a copy of Visual C++. Then, you will need to get the GLUI and GLUT files as follows:


Building Your Own GLUI

If you need to build your own version of GLUI, click here to get the TAR file of GLUI source. This includes the SDSC-developed horizontal range slider.