Rules of the road

OK, here are a few things to keep in mind when designing the layout of your page:

1)Keep things uncluttered.

Clarity is important in getting your message across. If you have twenty subjects to express about 20 things, don't try to fit it all on one page! Split it up into multiple pages.

2)Don't use flashing text.

There is a tag you can put text into that makes text flash on and off. Don't do it. Animations are good, but a repeating pattern like flashing text tends to take focus away from the content and very, very quickly become annoying. Trust me...I'd demonstrate, but then you might use the tag to make flashing text so just take my word for it.

3)Use human perception to make things more clear

This is really not good. Imagine a whole page of this! It hurts your eyes and those of anyone reading it,it doesn't look good, and it is unclear. So keep it contrasted.
1 This is way too small to read comfortably for many people!
2 Still too small
3 This is pretty much the standard default size, but you may want slightly larger for clarity.
4 ok, try this, is it clear? Most monitors will show this quite clearly, but it may be larger than you like.
5 This is useful for emphasis or subtitles.
6 this makes a good title, but there are easier ways to do that (explained later).
7 This is big, so don't use it for long statements.


4)A picture is worth a thousand words!

Sometimes it takes forever to say what you mean. Use embedded images to get across ideas. It is always important to balance your text and imagery, however.

5)Try to organize your entire site by a basic theme.

That means, don't have one page with a bright pink background with all text and content aligned to the left, and another with a black background and everything aligned to the right, etc. Try to have one unifying theme. You may notice a theme to many web sites. This makes it more comfortable to navigate your site, as once the web surfer has seen one page, they can effectivel navigate all of your pages. This is also an opportunity to add some individuality to your web site. If you design a visually appealing (but NOT overly distracting) theme which is also functional, it can add greatly to the presentation and professionalism of your project.