Homework 6/Takehome final FAQ

  1. Q: Ahhhh!!!! This looks really long and tough!!!?!?!
  2. Q: Is this due at the final?!? I have so much else to do!!!!
  3. Q: Do you (Alex) have normal office hours this week?
  4. Q: Do the TA's have normal office hours this week?
  5. Q: Is there going to be a review session? (when/where?)
  6. Q: How am I doing in the class? Can I find out?
  7. Q: I think I'm doing badly, is there anything I can do about it?

1: Q:Ahhhh!!!! This looks really long and tough!!!?!?!

A: It's not as bad as it looks, trust me:)

First, most of this is not new, you've already answered alot of these questions many times, such as plotting some data, which is the first two problems. The neural network problem which is new requires essentially NO coding on your part, just interpretation.

The only matlab work you have to do is the fit problem, where you literally could use your old homework to answer the problem's computational parts by changing the old homework code to use this small dataset. Remember that you only need to write maybe one sentence responses. Brief is fine.

Also realize that your in-class final is greatly shortened, since the midterm everyone finished the multiple choice in a very short time. Also, the practice final will be similar to the practice midterm in terms of similarity to the final exam (HINT HINT HINT!!!).

Also see the next question about due date, for those of you with other finals up to this final exam Thursday.

Also, if you come to either of the Tuesday or Wednesday review sessions, a portion of each will be devoted to hints for completing the assignment (strong hints!!!). If you can't make the review session, get notes from somebody because it will be very informative.

First of all, I'm sorry that this is stressing you out.  It really isn't intended to be stressful.  I'm actually trying to make your life easier.  The in-class portion will be only multiple choice, and shorter, so this is a large portion of your final.  I'm going to do the following:  I'll leave a box outside the locked door in CRB (this has now been posted), and the final assignment is to be turned in there, not at the final.  I was only suggesting the homework be done for the final to help you study.  Not required.  It is due by Saturday night at midnight.  Then that gives you a week, plus at the review sessions I'm going to give a great deal of hints and specific info for the homework.  Also:

---from the FAQ page---
1) The final is definitely not long, being only multiple choice.  It won't take the full 3 hours, or even near it.  Also, it will be like the midterm where you won't have surprises in terms of the multiple choice (ie many of the problems you will already know the answer to, or if there is a slight change, then if you understand the practice you'll be fine no problem).  You should still study for it of course, but it won't be nearly as demanding as it could be.

2) If you look carefully, most of these questions are quick, one sentence responses, not requiring matlab, or if it does it's really simple matlab that you've done over and over like plotting.  One question asks you to do a data fit, which you can use your least squares homework for, just by changing the input data.  The questions should be answered very very briefly, only a sentence or so.

3) It's due Saturday night at midnight so if you don't have time to get to it until after the final you'll be fine.

4) I'm writing a FAQ page for questions already and will put that up soon.

5) The review sessions will also cover the homework, so you'll know exactly how to approach all the problems.

6) I have my usual office hours this week, plus I'll be posting extras

So basically I took the portion of the midterm (the short answer) that challenged people, and wrote all that into the assignment, so now you'll have help since I'm going to help you get it done, and if you have a brain glitch you won't get massive penalties. 

I'm working on the practice final, it should be up later tonight or early tomorrow.  There will be two review sessions I'm running myself (I know what questions are on the final, so it should give specific help for the final), one Tuesday night at 7:30-9:30pm and one Wednesday night same time.  The locations are 

12/05/06   T   07:30 P  09:20 P  YORK   4080A     seats: 50
12/06/06   W   07:30 P  09:20 P  CSB    002      seats: 120 

I couldn't get two days where both rooms were full sized (I guess Tuesday was a popular night for review sessions), and most people wanted Wednesday, so it should be fine.

2: Q: Is this due at the final?!? I have so much else to do!!!!

A: No it isn't due at the final. I just suggested it would be good to get done, but if you can't it's no problem. It is actually DUE by before Saturday night at midnight, in the CRB second floor hallway. There will be a dropbox which is labelled COGSCI109 FINAL TURN IN. The box will be right outside the locked code access door to the Cognitive Development Lab and the Brain and Cognition lab (there's a sign to the right).

3: Q: Does Alex have normal office hours this week?

A: Yes, plus I'll be posting a few extra hours

4: Q: Do the TA's have normal office hours this week?


5: Q: Is there going to be a review session? When and where?

A: yes. There will be two. I couldn't get two full sized rooms, only the wednesday night room is full sized (seats 120). That should be fine since most people wanted Wednesday, so Tuesday will probably be less people. The tuesday room seats 50 so that's roughly half the class, not including floor and steps, etc.

12/05/06   T   07:30-09:20 pm  YORK   4080A     seats: 50
12/06/06   W   07:30-09:20 pm  CSB    002      seats: 120 

6: Q: Can I find out how I'm doing in the class?

A: Yes email Alex or Nathaniel and we can let you know. But keep your eyes peeled for any announcements about grade posting.

7: Q: I think I'm doing badly, is there anything I can do about it?

A: Yes!!! I want your final grade to reflect both your effort AND understanding by the end of the class, not a measure of how much you knew at the beginning, since we've come so far. Come to office hours or email Alex with specific sections you did poorly on, if you feel that you now have a better grasp of that material, and he will give you extra credit problems to recover some points. You may not get every single point back, but remember that the course is about overall total points of total possible. I want to give you every opportunity to succeed, I'm here for you.

This is not an opportunity to fight over a few points when you already have an almost perfect score however.

Any extra credit work must be done by Sunday at 2pm. That will give Alex (some) time to grade them. The grading has to be turned in monday, so we have to finish grading everything before then.